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Desert Experience - 5N 6D


Camel Race Track

Camels are highly revered in the UAE, and camel racing is deeply rooted in nomadic bedouin and Emirati tradition. Camels have long since been considered a source of nutrition and luxury. Bedouin tribes organised camel beauty pageants and races as a form of entertainment and resolving disputes. Camel racing is an extraordinary sight. The races take place on winter Friday mornings in the Digdaga and Hamraniya area of RAK. Glorious dunes and ancient ghaff trees surround the racetrack, close to the Ras Al Khaimah airport. The arena is split into three tracks. The camels run on the soft terracotta sands of the main track whilst the inner and outer tracks are where streams of white 4WD vehicles drive alongside their camels and shout encouragement through their radios. Camel racing in Ras Al Khaimah is fun, dusty and a must-do on your bucket list.

Nature Reserve Al Wadi

The Al Wadi Nature Reserve is a 1,235-acre area in Ras Al Khaimah, situated within the Wadi Khadeja. Teeming with natural beauty and wildlife, the place is a haven for adventurous travelers, as well as those who long to experience the sights and sounds of nature.

Dune Bashing

Deep in the terracotta deserts of Ras Al Khaimah, visitors to the Emirate can experience an extraordinary Bedouin-inspired journey. The Ras Al Khaimah desert is quite spectacular with its captivating ever-moving dunes. Since 3000BC, the Bedouins lived in the desert and celebrated their nomadic lifestyle; they still practice their beautiful age-old rituals today.

Horse-back riding

The Al Wadi Equestrian Adventure Centre is nestled amidst the rolling red dunes of Ras Al Khaimah’s desert lands. The centre is home to beautiful Arabian horses, the rare oryx, swaggering camels, pretty desert foxes and, if you are very fortunate the shy desert cat. The unspoilt environment affords an exceptionally authentic experience as you experience the wilds of Emirati nature at its finest. When you visit Al Wadi Equestrian Centre, you can participate in horse riding lessons or a leisurely wander through the dunes on horseback. Experienced riders can gallop across the sands as the sun dips over the terracotta desert. Spacious white picket fenced paddocks and a horse-walking arena allow for safe riding lessons.

Bedouin Oasis Desert Camp

Deep in the Ras Al Khaimah desert, you’ll find Bedouin Oasis Camp with the glorious backdrop of crimson and terracotta-hued dunes. The protected nature reserve is where wild camels, the rare oryx, and the occasional lone donkey call home. The Bedouin Oasis is in the heart of the towering dunes and Ras Al Khaimah’s glorious rural landscape. You can experience the traditional Bedouin way of daily desert life in the emirate’s most authentic camp. Time-honoured goat hair tents form unique entertainment areas with oversized cushions and plush Arabian rugs set around a roaring campfire. Each evening, you can feast on food from a delicious barbeque and an underground oven. Traditional dishes include slow-cooked whole mutton cooked in a zarb covered with sand, an ancient style of underground cooking.

Basanta Village Desert Camp

Deep in the terracotta desert, you’ll find Bassata Desert Village, where you can experience traditional Bedouin and Arabic activities, including camel riding and watching the lythe tanora dancers. Bassata is an Arabic word meaning simplicity, and the village is just that. Explore the desert and try your hand at exciting dune bashing in luxury 4X4 vehicles or on quad bikes. Listen to stories of 1001 Arabian nights as you dine around the open fires in the evening and feast on delicious Bedouin-inspired cuisine as thousands of twinkly stars appear in the night sky. The camp has various VIP tents so that you can enjoy the magical sunsets in comfort. If you want to experience camping under the stars, bring your sleeping bag and hunker down for a night or two in one of their tents.

The Dunes Camping & Safari

Families with a sense of adventure can participate in various exciting desert-centric activities and explore the various breathtaking terrains in the Emirate. Deep in the terracotta deserts, visitors to the Emirate can experience an extraordinary Bedouin-inspired journey. The Dunes has comprehensive offerings, including the world-famous dune bashing as you tear across breathtaking moonscapes in a luxury 4X4 Landcruiser. You can ride atop a camel in a lazy caravan or visit a local farm and meet various desert animals. Perhaps enjoy a family picnic safari in the shade of an acacia tree or camp under the stars in a traditional heritage tent or futuristic dome.

Sonara Camp - Al Wadi

This stunning desert hideaway is set in the grounds of the Ritz Carlton Al Wadi in the beauty of the Arabian wilderness, with herds of Oryx and Gazelle, and the elusive Arabian Red Fox as dinner companions. An epicurean adventure awaits guests staying for the full Sunset and Dinner package, with the cleverly curated menu featuring the finest Mediterranean and local Arabic ingredients to create a medley of mouth-watering fusion dishes. With sustainability at the core of Sonara’s ethos, guests can expect the highest quality seasonal ingredients catering to every desire, from the extensive vegan menu to the children’s menu designed to make little taste buds sing.

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